What others say about us

We are proud to receive recommendations from our clients and from other professionals who place their trust in our ability to do the job well.

Here are a few of their kind words about us.

  • We have very high standards of excellence at Muckle LLP and expect them from people to whom we refer work. In this respect we have complete faith in dealing with Joanne Major and her team of specialist family lawyers as we have heard nothing but good things from our clients about their client care and their capable approach to family law legal services.

    Jason Wainwright

    Managing  Partner,  Muckle LLP

  • I’ve always been hugely impressed by Joanne Major’s drive, vision, and meticulous attention to detail.  I’m not surprised, therefore, that Joanne and her dedicated team of lawyers and support staff have rapidly gained recognition as one of the most forward-looking, innovative, client-focussed family practices in the country.

    James Richardson

    Barrister - Trinity Chambers, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • I have known and worked with Joanne Major since her early years in practice.  Her drive and ambition have always impressed me and, I believe, she has now built a significant niche practice in family law.  I am happy to recommend her.

    Andrew Hoyle

    General Counsel, Utilitywise plc

  • Joanne Major quickly grasps the facts and interprets them in a sympathetic but matter of fact way, making the client and professionals recommending her feel confident with the handling of their affairs. A true professional at a time when expertise and excellence is needed most.

    Richard Blackett

    Director, Blackett Walker Ltd

  • Joanne Major and her team are the “Go To” for any clients or contacts who come to us asking if we know any good family lawyers. We can trust them to understand what is at stake and treat each client as an individual, taking time to listen, explain & advise as we would do when faced with commercial legal issues.

    Tim Clarke

    Partner, Clarke Mairs LLP

  • I have worked with Joanne Major and her team and have found them professional, knowledgeable and empathetic and would have no hesitation in recommending them to clients.

    James Richfield APFS

    Senior Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management

  • Having worked with Joanne Major at a large commercial firm some years ago, I am aware she is a family lawyer of high calibre and drive.  During a short period of time she has put together an excellent team of intelligent, approachable lawyers who deliver first rate family law services to clients.  We as a firm are happy to recommend them.

    Paul McGowan

    Principal Solicitor, Collingwood Legal

  • I have worked as a family mediator in Surrey for a number of years. It really helps the mediation process where the solicitors giving the clients advice understand how the mediation process works, and work to help the clients achieve a resolution in mediation. I have found Lewis Hulatt really understands the mediation process and how best to support it. This gives his clients the best chance of finding a sensible resolution. His positive attitude and practical approach work well with mediation, and that makes him the kind of solicitor that I like to work with.

    Louisa Whitney

    LKW Mediation

  • Joanne Major has a wealth of collaborative experience.  Her delivery is strong and confident with a no nonsense approach that I came to trust.  This is invaluable when clarity and action is required.  Major Family Law were highly recommended to me and I would have no hesitation to pass that recommendation on.

    Christine Nugent

    Managing Director, Business Travel

  • I have known Lewis Hulatt in a professional capacity for some years and I have been impressed with the way he understands the wider picture and our needs as a family.  I found him sensitive to what would help me achieve our long-term goals and he was approachable whenever I needed a calm and independent opinion.  He showed himself to be flexible and I never felt pressured to use a legal sledge-hammer to crack a nut of a problem.  I am sure that his insight prevented bigger problems arising.

    Glenn Hirchfield

    Former Client

  • After years of uphill struggles and continuous trips to court, I finally turned to Major Family Law for help. Sam Carter took charge of the case and the work carried out by him was nothing short of first class. Sam was always available to help and offer sensible and pragmatic advice, and the end result was one that I never could have imagined. To Sam and the entire team at Major Family Law I can only offer my most sincere thanks and would have no difficulty whatsoever in recommending the firm, and in particular Sam, to anyone in times of need.



  • When I needed the very best person to help me sort out a really difficult family dispute, Jonathan Dunkley was suggested by a number of people.

    He did not disappoint. He was confident and reassuring, quickly absorbing the detail of the case despite some international complexity. His advice was clear and strategic. He kept me informed at all stages, explained precisely what the process would be, and provided a transparent estimate of the costs involved.

    Nothing was too much trouble. He responded to my calls and emails immediately, even over the weekends when I needed urgent guidance and reassurance. He was so supportive, patient and knowledgeable at every juncture. When you are confronted by a real family crisis, you need to feel that you have the best possible person to guide you effectively through it. I did.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

    Paige Chandler

    Former Client

  • I cannot recommend Joanne Major and Major Family Law enough.  I met Joanne 11 years ago when she handled my divorce, however, I recently found myself in need of her services again. As before, her professionalism and personal touch is second to none.  She never overcomplicated the issues or wrote unnecessary correspondence. Major Family Law are a rare breed it seems in an profession that attracts sweeping statements, glib remarks and no thanks. I will always be grateful to her for giving me the courage and confidence to see my case through to the end.  Her prognosis was right from the outset, her choice of Barrister carefully considered and brilliant, so too is her knowledge of the law.  Needless to say the outcome achieved was more than I could have hoped for.  Joanne is a true professional and sharp as a tack. I urge anyone looking for a top drawer family law solicitor to look no further.

    Helen Whitaker

    Photographer, The Picture House

  • We consider Major Family Law to be the pre-eminent specialist family law firm in the North East, particularly for complex and/or high value matters. We choose to recommend Major Family Law to our clients because we believe they are the best around.


    Partner, TT Law

  • Jonathan Dunkley was the first person I turned to when I needed advice, having previously used his services some years back. He grasped the complicated legal position from the outset knowing exactly how to sort it all out. Nothing was too much trouble for him. As I was living in the United States and France, I thought this might make things more difficult, but Jonathan was quite able to work remotely and made himself available at all times to suit me. His specialist knowledge guided me through a really difficult process taking away my own stress and frustration. I shall forever be grateful to him and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other, particularly in cases with an international element.

    David Faye

    Former Client

  • Lewis Hulatt is an extremely resourceful, dedicated and supportive divorce lawyer. He is thoughtful, insightful and was my rock when I needed him. You could not wish for better help.

    Jane Evans

    Former Client

  • I approached Major Family Law after hearing positive feedback from some divorced friends and acquaintances. I had recently split from my husband after a long relationship and had a young child. At the outset I knew I was in excellent hands. The firm is professional, welcoming and non-judgemental. I always received balanced, fair and accurate advice.
    Major Family Law treats you as an individual and pays attention to your whole person. Your well-being, and that of your children, is of utmost importance to them. In my case, I adopted the collaborative approach and was supported and valued throughout the process. I was given clear explanations and all emails and telephone calls were answered and dealt with promptly. Joanne Major was prepared for each meeting and always took time to check how I was afterwards. Even when communication broke down between myself and my husband, Major Family Law helped us mediate and helped us get back on the right track for the good of our child. I have since recommended Major Family Law to others in the same situation knowing they could not be in better hands. I do not hesitate in recommending them here and now to you.

    Rebecca Hughes

    Former Client

  • I have known Joanne Major since she established Major Family Law and have referred a number of clients to her. I am very impressed with the quality of her legal advice, her professional and personable approach and that of her able team of experienced Family Lawyers.

    Bradley Thomas

    Tax Partner, RHK Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

  • I’ve worked with everyone on Joanne Major’s team. I’m always impressed by both their knowledge of the law and the way they care about their clients. They are always there for them; being supportive and at the same time giving practical and realistic advice.

    The late Paul Isaacs

    Barrister, Broadway House Chambers, Leeds

  • I have known Christian, in a professional capacity, for several years now.  He has assisted me in looking after my clients in various matters including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys and Administering Estates.  His knowledge and ability to communicate very effectively with my clients has enhanced my relationship with them.  I have had nothing but good feedback.  Some even say he has a good sense of humour!

    David Stoddart

    Chartered Financial Planner FPFS, Stoddart Financial Solutions

  • We are happy to endorse the services provided by Joanne Major and the team at Major Family Law, Ponteland. We have a number of mutual clients who speak very highly of them. They are both knowledgeable and approachable family lawyers who are clearly client focussed.

    Andrew Morgan

    Partner, Nicholson & Morgan

  • I have known Joanne Major professionally for 20 years and have recommended her many times. When men or women suffer difficulty in their private lives, Joanne offers light in the form of comprehensive, practical, realistic, and reassuring Family Law Advice with the result that people can find their way through difficult and dark times.

    Mrs S J Hammond Opelt

    Legal Director, Cundall

  • I met Joanne Major many years ago and was impressed by her drive and professionalism when she established her own firm. She has dealt with the marital issues of many of our clients and the feedback from them has always been excellent. We continue to refer clients to Joanne as both she and her team have proved to be top notch. Our clients inform us that Joanne is a consummate professional but tough. At the same time she is the modern face of advice on family law.

    Mike Brennan

    Consultant, Baldwins Accountants

  • From the moment I met Joanne Major and her team it was clear to me that she is a very bright lady with an equally bright team. They are innovators and put their clients first. People might think that all solicitors put their clients first, it is easy to say but very hard to do. As a solicitor myself, I can see that Joanne Major and her team strive to work in the best way possible to achieve the best outcome for the client. This means thinking outside the box and daring to be different. The team at Major family law dare to be different and their clients benefit from this.

    Mena Ruparel

    Family Arbitrator, Consultant and Lecturer MLSH Ltd

  • I was recently introduced to Jonathan Dunkley at Major Family Law having asked around the North East business community  for a recommendation in dealing with an intended driving prosecution, Jonathan’s knowledge and approach was excellent, his quick actions saved me precious time and money in dealing with this difficult situation.

    I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan or Major Family Law to anyone found in such circumstances.

    Chris March

    Publisher and Director, Luxe Magazine

  • I have known Jonathan Dunkley at Major Family Law for some years. He gives sensible, pragmatic and realistic advice. He helps when people need it most and always puts their needs first. I’m impressed by the feedback I get from people who have used him. I am confident in recommending friends, family and clients to him.

    Ian Wilkinson

    Managing Director, RW Limited

  • Jonathan Dunkley is a credit to Major Family Law and his Profession. In a world very alien to my own his expertise, professionalism and clarity during the entire difficult process made me feel confident and reassured my case was in his capable hands.

    His support, confidence and knowledge of his subject area were second to none. Jonathan achieved exactly the outcome that I had hoped for. A huge weight has now been lifted from my shoulders as my case has been successfully concluded.

    I cannot recommend Jonathan highly enough. I shall always be grateful to him.

    Sean Elliott

    Sean Elliott Photography

  • Having worked at Major Family Law during my time in England, I had no hesitation in establishing links between my practice in Spain and Major Family Law. A leading family law practice in the area, with an innovative approach to their business, I was impressed with the high standard of client care and the expertise of the individual lawyers during my time at the practice, and I know that this will ensure that clients based in either Spain or England will receive the best possible advice and service.

    Después de haber trabajado en Major Family Law durante mi estancia en Inglaterra, no dudé en establecer aquellos vínculos entre mi práctica legal en España y Major Family Law. Una firma dedicada al derecho de familia líder en el área y con un enfoque innovador para su negocio donde me quedé impresionado con el alto nivel de atención al cliente y la experiencia de sus abogados durante mi tiempo en la práctica inglesa,. Estoy convencido de que tal colaboración garantizará que los clientes situados en España o Inglaterra recibirán el mejor asesoramiento y servicio posible.

    José María del Río Villo

    Abogado, Gaona Abogados, Marbella

  • I sincerely thank Specialist Family Lawyer, Rebecca Savage, for her professionalism, dedication and first rate attention throughout the process of divorce. I shall forever be grateful to have chosen Major Family Law to assist me because as expected, it has been a painful and emotional journey but knowing I had the benefit of Rebecca’s expertise, skill and reassurance at all times helped carry me through the tough times. Without hesitation I would strongly recommend the brilliant team at Major Family Law and my superb lawyer Rebecca.

    Antonio Pili

    Former Client

  • Major Family Law undertook the legal work for my divorce, during what was very stressful time made more difficult due to my being located in the Middle East. Communicating remotely by phone and email is never easy and can be enormously frustrating. However, Rebecca Savage and her team were patient, guiding me through the divorce process to conclusion, in what was not a very straightforward case. I would thoroughly recommend Major Family Law based on my experience with the firm.

    Paul Lewis

    Former Client

  • Joanne Major and her experienced team of family lawyers are first rate. Throughout the most difficult and emotionally challenging time of my life, I was warmly guided and provided with invaluable professional advice. It is possible to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and rest assured Major family Law are the best people to get you there. I can recommend this law firm in a heartbeat – your future truly is in the safest of hands.

    Tracy Chandler

    Former Client

  • Joanne Major and the team provided me with a first class service before, during and after my divorce. They managed to combine professional excellence with the emotional support and understanding that I needed through the whole ‘terrible’ process. They helped me find an inner strength in court and achieved results that have allowed me to move on in a financially secure position which without them would never have happened.

    Jane Taylor

    Former Client

  • Joanne and her team handled my divorce which was a complex matter over 24 months, and involved cross-jurisdictional child contact. From the first phone call, she took time to explain to me both the human and legal aspects of each step. I needed a great deal of reassurance about my infant daughter and about the financial aspects of my divorce, because it had bearing on my family home which had been gifted to me during marriage. Joanne and her team see the long term picture – resolution, mediation, a sound path forward during a very upsetting time. I went to the right team of lawyers who, under expert liaison with each other, guided me through both financial and contact matters. I am based in Spain and the distance was no barrier. I trust Joanne and her team implicitly. I am not surprised her firm has grown so steadily and with such recommendation.

    Joanne y su equipo manejan mi divorcio que era un asunto complejo más de 24 meses, y participan de contactos niño interjurisdiccional. Desde la primera llamada telefónica, se tomó el tiempo de explicarme los aspectos legales de cada paso y humanos. Necesitaba mucha tranquilidad sobre mi hija infantil y sobre los aspectos financieros de mi divorcio, porque había que lleva en mi casa de la familia que había sido regalado a mí durante el matrimonio. Joanne y su equipo ven el panorama a largo plazo – resolución, la mediación, un camino de sonido hacia adelante durante un tiempo muy molesto. Fui a un buen equipo de abogados que, en virtud de enlace de expertos con los demás, me guiaron a través de ambos asuntos financieros y de contacto. Estoy con sede en España y la distancia no era una barrera. Confío Joanne y su equipo de forma implícita. No me sorprende su empresa ha crecido de manera constante y con tal recomendación.

    Eugenia Castro

    Former Client

  • Joanne Major and her team of specialist family lawyers were both compassionate and professional when they dealt with my matrimonial problems. The situation was complicated by my husband trying to conceal and deny his assets, but it was obvious Joanne Major was used to dealing with these sorts of issues nor was she fazed by bullish correspondence from my husband’s solicitor. Although she was compassionate, she was still able to give constructive and pragmatic advice and without her assistance I doubt I could have achieved the justice I obtained at the conclusion of my case. I have recently recommended her to a friend whose wealthy husband was unwilling to face up to his responsibilities. She also is impressed about how things are progressing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne Major to others facing the breakdown of their marriage. She is a strong lawyer who leads a strong capable team.

    Claire Ashwood

    Former Client