How We Do It

As leading experts in family law, Major Family Law recognises that different circumstances require different approaches. As part of our advice, we will discuss with you the various methods of resolving disputes and which is the most appropriate for your case.

Please email us to discuss your personal requirements.

We’re always here to advise.

Just as each situation is unique to the parties involved, we appreciate that each set of circumstances requires an individual, tailored approach to resolve the issue successfully and effectively.

Major Family Law actively promote non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution wherever possible and we are proud of our success rate in settling more than 80% of disputes by negotiated settlement without the parties ever having to resort to attending a Court hearing.

When you come to us for advice, we will discuss with you all your options for resolving your issue, including how your case will be funded and the methods available to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Where Court proceedings are necessary and unavoidable, we will ensure that your case is progressed swiftly and effectively with expert representation and advocacy when at Court.

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