Pay As You Go

Our family lawyers can provide you with a tailored approach based on your individual circumstances and can offer you advice and support when you require it, charging just for the time they are involved.  Sometimes our involvment may be limited only to the preparation of the consent order, the order which reflects the terms that have been agreed direct between you and your spouse and this work shall be charged on a competitive fixed fee basis.

In some cases you may find it of benefit to seek advice before finalising your agreement as you may seek our input as to the merits of what has been agreed or wish for further clarity concerning your legal position ahead of it becoming legally binding.  Again this can be done on an agreed fixed fee basis with you to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum.

Pay As You Go legal advice can have significant benefits for you:

  • the process is simple; effective and flexible
  • there are considerable cost savings
  • a case is concluded two or three months earlier than normal due to the fact that the client can progress things as fast or slow as they wish.

For further information concerning the Pay As You Go approach, please contact our experienced family lawyers or click here to find out more about our fixed fee packages.