Divorce & Separation

Major Family Law is a top family law firm for all aspects of relationships, located in the North East of England. We have some of the best separation and divorce solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding areas. Please call us today on on 01661 82 45 82 or email us to discuss your personal requirements.

When you are entering into a new relationship, or are suffering difficulties in your existing relationships, it is important to know all your options. Only then can you make informed decisions. At Major Family Law, we offer expert guidance from our first-rate divorce solicitors and manage a wide range of other relationship issues.

In addition to our leading team of divorce solicitors, Major Family Law provides services for separation agreements. A separation agreement can assist couples who need time apart but are not ready to instigate divorce proceedings. We also offer advice on gay divorce for those in same-sex relationships.

If you need information on specific situations, find out more by clicking on the links below. Or if you are ready to proceed with our relationships services, please get in touch. As well as full court representation, we offer fixed fee divorces, plus a free initial consultation. Our experienced and talented divorce solicitors will be happy to discuss your requirements.