Mareva (Freezing) Injunctions

Here at Major Family Law, we can guide you through the process of securing a Mareva injunction (sometimes called a freezing injunction or freezing order) to help protect your assets during a divorce. This is a type of court order which prevents a person or company from disposing of their assets until an agreement is reached.

When dealing with the financial side of a separation, there may be occasions in which early action is needed to protect your assets or provide temporary financial support while the divorce is finalised. For instance, one party may worry that their ex-spouse is going to try and spend their assets before they can be contested in court. A freezing injunction prevents this from happening.

Freezing injunctions can cover all of a person’s assets, or reduce and restrict them up to a certain limit, as specified by the court. All types of assets can be frozen, including bank accounts, shares, bonds, vehicles and land. Any breach of the freezing order may lead to committal proceedings for contempt of court. A freezing order can be made in respect of assets both within England & Wales and situated abroad (known as a Worldwide Freezing Order).

This is a very serious type of court order, as it overrules the right of a person to manage their own assets, and is only generally granted under exceptional circumstances when there is a very strong justification for the order. As such, it’s crucial to seek expert legal advice and representation if you think you need a freezing injunction.

At Major Family Law, all of our solicitors are experienced in matters of divorce and financial enforcement orders, and can offer excellent advice and representation throughout proceedings. If you would like to learn more about Mareva injunctions or any other legal service, contact us online or speak to our solicitors on 01661 824582.