International Family Law

If you’re an expat or foreign national living in Britain, divorce or custody proceedings can be less than straightforward, but our experts in international family law can help. Here at Major Family Law, we offer a service which can deal with complicated cross-border issues in a sympathetic and helpful manner.

For the purposes of family law jurisdiction, anything outside of England & Wales is classed as cross-border and is subject to different laws. This means that, should a divorce or other family legal matter involve nationals from different countries, legal matters can become quite complex.

Divorce and custody proceedings can be a difficult at the best of times, especially when there’s more than one jurisdiction involved. Within family proceedings, this might mean that one party resides abroad, or has property, business or other assets overseas. Or, one party might wish to relocate (either with or without children) to another country after a divorce.

As a niche practice, Major Family Law recognises that modern life increasingly involves a global element, and we aim to offer a service that is completely relevant to your circumstances and living arrangements. Our team are highly experienced in dealing with complex cases of international family law, and understand the complications that can sometimes arise in these situations.

We can help with matters across a variety of different countries — contact our team to see what we can do for you. For additional support in international Spanish-speaking jurisdictions, see our dedicated Spanish Law page. We also have connections with ALC Abogados, a firm based in Malaga, meaning we can collaborate together to ensure that expats living in Spain receive legal counsel that is relevant to their circumstances.

Call our helpful team on 01661 824582 today, and you will be directed to the international family law expert who is most qualified to deal with your specific issue. Or, if you prefer, you can use our online enquiry form.