Postnuptial Agreements

Major Family Law can prepare a postnuptial agreement that will safeguard your assets and simplify matters in the event of a divorce or separation. Postnuptial agreements — or postnups — can help you to protect your assets after the breakdown of a marriage, providing security and certainty for both you and your partner.

Postnup agreements work in a similar way to prenuptial agreements, with the difference that they are entered into after a couple have married instead of before. Postnups are used to settle issues such as who gets certain assets and how much alimony a spouse will receive should they decide to divorce further down the line.

It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to formalise their financial arrangements after their marriage to allow them a greater level of certainty and autonomy in the event of permanent separation or divorce. It’s reassuring for both partners to know their assets are protected and that they will be financially secure.

Couples often seek a postnup after a major life event, like a large inheritance, or after the birth of a child. If you have children from a previous relationship, then a postnuptial agreement can also help to protect their inheritance. It’s even possible to write in clauses that stipulate certain financial arrangements should the marriage break down due to the behaviour of one partner — as in cases of infidelity, for instance.

A family law specialist can help you to understand the ins and outs of the legal process, and help you to secure a fair and equitable agreement. Here at Major Family Law, our postnup lawyers can draw up a legally binding agreement that will ensure your wishes are upheld in the event of a divorce.

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