Enforcement of Financial Consent Orders

If your partner owes you money or other assets after a divorce, then Major Family Law can help you to recover them by seeking an enforcement of a financial consent order.

After a divorce, a former spouse will sometimes fail to comply with the terms of the financial settlement. When payments are missed and assets withheld, it can be hard to move on with your life, especially if you are facing financial difficulty as a result. An enforcement of financial consent order can help your get back the money and any other assets you are rightfully owed.

The court has a wide range of powers to deal with the breach of a court order. If your ex-spouse is deemed to have breached the terms of the settlement, then the court will use their legal powers to recover the assets. They may order the money to be taken directly from the debtor’s bank account or employer, and they can even order the sale of a property or other asset.

When a financial order has been breached, it is important to make an application for enforcement as soon as possible, as certain time limitations may apply under the settlement. If you need to take legal action, our expert solicitors can help you to recover missed maintenance payments and other assets promptly, so you can move forward with your life.

If your circumstances have changed drastically after divorce, then you may need to apply for a variation order. This type of court order varies the terms of the settlement, to allow for a significant change in income or assets.

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