If your friend, relative or loved one ‘lacks mental capacity’ and is unable to manage their own affairs, you can apply for a deputyship. Once you have been appointed as their deputy, you can handle their property and financial affairs, or their personal welfare. Deputyship ensures that your loved one is protected from any unwanted, outside influence and will be properly looked after.

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Applying to be a deputy is a complicated and involved process. That is why it is recommended you seek the advice of a specialist to guide you through the requirements. Here at Major Family Law, our deputyship solicitors can give you professional advice on becoming your friend or relative’s deputy. We can explain how you can apply for either or both a financial or welfare deputyship. In addition, if there is more than one deputy, we can assist you in determining how you and the other deputy will make decisions together.

We understand that it can be an emotional and difficult time when a loved one needs a deputy. Therefore, once the process starts, we can help you get through it quickly and smoothly.

Please contact our deputyship solicitor, Christian Swinburne, on 01661824582 or for a free discussion about how we can help.