Disputing a Will or Probate

Contesting a will and probate disputes are particularly difficult and complex processes. Major Family Law understands how to help you with challenging a will and can support you in receiving what could rightfully be yours.

Some wills do not provide you with the inheritance you were expecting. This can be for several reasons, such as due to the lack of capacity in the will maker, a lack of valid execution, or undue influence or pressure being made on the will maker. If you believe you have grounds for contesting a will, you must speak with a solicitor who can help you dispute the document and receive what you may lawfully deserve.

The death of a loved one is an emotional and stressful time, which can be exacerbated if you feel you have failed to benefit from their will. If you are not happy with a will, we can dispute if for you and assist you throughout the process, so you receive the intended outcome your loved one may have wanted.

Here at Major Family Law, we can help with contesting a will, as well as probate disputes. Whether you are a blood relative seeking their inheritance or someone who believes a specific bequest should belong to them, our expert will solicitors can assist. Please Christian Swinburne on 01661824582 or Christian@majorfamilylaw.co.uk for a free discussion about how we can help.