Major Family Law will solicitors can provide their expert advice and guidance, so your property, possessions and money will be distributed to your loved ones in the way that you want.

To ensure that the right people in your life benefit following your death, it is very important that your affairs are in order. Wills are essential for this reason and dying without one can cause chaos and significant expense for those you leave behind. We have seen first-hand the distress it causes for families to try and sort out their loved one’s affairs. In addition, conflicts over wills can be caused and worsened by bereavement, which can have a lasting effect on your family.

Wills can also change following a relationship breakdown. If you have been through divorce proceedings, your Decree Absolute will effectively nullify any previous will. Therefore, making a new will is essential.

It is vital to ensure that the most suitable people are appointed as Guardians to look after your minor children, should anything happen to you, as well as making certain those children will be provided for financially. Additionally, in this modern society, it is much more usual to have step-parents and step-children, so particular care must be taken to protect both sides of the family.

As well as stipulating who should receive what from your assets, a will explains who the ‘executor’ of your instructions is – the person who is responsible for following your instructions.

It is important to speak to a will solicitor who can draw up the correct, legal document. This is recommended so your will has no errors and therefore will be presented in the way you intended.

At Major Family Law, our will solicitors can review an existing document, or advise you or a family member about a new Will and/or Powers of Attorney. Please contact Christian Swinburne on 01661 824582 or Christian@majorfamilylaw.co.uk to arrange a free, initial consultation today.